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Hello FEST fans !

Festival Coin is here to disrupt the cryptocurrency market and make mass adoption a reality. But how and why?

? The use case

Every time you attend a big event or a festival, you will probably face long queues and lose those plastic tokens.

Those are two examples of the real-world-use-cases that FEST will strive to solve by using its high-skilled business core team, with more than 20 years of expertise in events, and tech-wise by implementing Smart Contracts for personal token generation.

But let’s not focus on the tech part now, that is for later.

? The market

The Festivals and big events market gets bigger every year. There are currently more than 800 music festivals in the U.S. alone.

In 201 4, a staggering 32 million people attended at least one music festival according to Nielsen Music

And nowadays, the number of people attending big events has only increased. FEST knows that there is a huge market potential for crypto adoption.

?️The team

Currently FEST team is composed by our CEO, Benjamin, with loads of years working on the events business. He is also a musician and producer, DJ, and all the shebang. Ben will make sure that FEST hits the market and is widely adopted by merchants. Ben is located in Prague.

We have a to-be-Phd core developer, that is deeply involved into cryptocurrency and blockchain. Taha is our glorious dev and we are very proud to have him on the team. He has co-worked with Arto and Masari coins and will make sure that FEST uses and implements all the tech we need. Taha is located in Iran.

The community is very important, so for that we have a Community Manager, fartec0. You can find him talking a lot at our chat rooms or taking care of our Twitter account, or trying to DJ at the FEST Radio (no, he ain’t no DJ). Fartec0 is located in the Netherlands.

Our team will be expanding, for sure.

? The company 

FEST plans to incorporate a company which will market, develop, maintain, and expand FEST. Company would hire more developers, expand the marketing team, add advisors, and would be representing FEST to the world.

?️ The roadmap

Roadmaps are important and quickly exhibits what FEST is striving to reach.


We will be explaining each step on future blog posts.

The tech part

This is just a teaser as we will not get into details now. So just check our tech cloud:

We will be soon posting more technical and bussiness driven articles, also our updates will be available here.

Keep following us ! It’s a FEST.

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