Fork to CN-FEST

The fork ?

Hello FEST fans ! Festival coin will be forking to a new and customised mining algorithm name CN-FEST. That means that currently FEST is using the Cryptonight-V7 mining algorithm as many other coins do. But FEST needs a customised (“custom algo”) approach for the continuous improvement of our: scalability, security and stability.

When it will happen? ?

One of the most important facts to know is that the network fork will happen exactly on block height 70.000

So when the block explorer shows the block 70.000 it means the network has been updated and the previous network will be deprecated, it basically will not work anymore. The Festival Coin mining will have then transitioned to a new main net.

Testing first ?

A testnet is prepared and the community is involved into testing.  We need to make sure that the fork will be a success. The testing phase is now ongoing and you can join us at our Discord chat server and at the #testnet channel you will find more info on how to participate.

Which software should I use? ?️

That is important also, so make sure you use the festival-miner that is a xmr-stak based software that you will need in order to mine after the fork.

Also make sure you always download the latest FEST wallet

Challenges ?

After the fork the challenges will be making sure it runs smoothly and that mining softwares adopt the custom algorithm. Like xmr-stak or cast-xmr. We will be asking for community help via our community Twitter account, so follow us and help by re-tweeting.

Technical aspects ?‍?

Below some of the technical aspects of the CN-:regional_indicator_f: :regional_indicator_e: :regional_indicator_s: :regional_indicator_t: mining algorithm fork. Some ideas, concepts and future goals:

1- Network resilience. Prepare a “magic start” with a special speed_factor that aims to increase the resistance to short-time fluctuations on the network hashrate. Thus when hashrate fluctuates or specially increases in the form of spikes, the network can adapt smoothly.

2- Legacy HW support. Prepare a special mask iteration and memory management for performance increase for non-modern GPUs, e.g. RX-470.

3- Scalability, Master Nodes and Super Nodes future support. Update general settings like check_window , system timeout, threshold values and more. A baseline and foundation for the MasterNode & SuperNode future infrastructure. Meetings were carried along with GRAFT Coin Devs and some other crypto dev experts.

4- Stability and adaptation to roadmap. Increase stability and prepare for future plans, e.g. SideChain creation for dynamic load balancing.

5- NiceHash resistant: According to first the 04 points, our PoW algorithm will update on block 70000 and NiceHash will immediately not support Festival coin mining anymore via CN-V7.

Thanks! ?

Thank you from the FEST team. We will keep you updated about the fork results. Join us on this FEST.


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