Fork to CN-FEST

The fork ? Hello FEST fans ! Festival coin will be forking to a new and customised mining algorithm name CN-FEST. That means that currently FEST is using the Cryptonight-V7 mining algorithm as many other coins do. But FEST needs a customised (“custom algo”) approach for the continuous improvement of our: scalability, security and stability. When it […]

Kompler exchange listing

Hello FEST fans ! We are happy to announce that $FEST has been listed on Kompler Exchange !! Kompler is a new exchange from Brazil and you can trade FEST for BTC,ETH, LTC or NBR. Make sure you check it out as the project is very cool and also don’t forget to read their Whitepaper. […]

Welcome to the FEST blog

It’s a FEST! Hello FEST fans ! Festival Coin is here to disrupt the cryptocurrency market and make mass adoption a reality. But how and why? ? The use case Every time you attend a big event or a festival, you will probably face long queues and lose those plastic tokens.  Those are two examples of […]